Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Igloo Factory

I have a very long novel I've written over 30 years--messing with it and revising it and sending it to agents and all that. And it has never been published. I write better than I 'sell' what I've written.

But I would like people to read "The Igloo Factory: A Romance of the 60's" for several reasons:
1) I wrote it to be read;
2) I like it and would like to share it;
3) The 60's were a great time to be alive, if you can remember them....
4) The characters have been my friends over the years and I like to introduce my friends to my friends;
5) I don't have the patience it takes to try to sell it to someone.

So, over the next few weeks, if i can figure out how, I'm going to 'publish' "The Igloo Factory" on this blog.

I have a couple of requests:
*if you like it or don't, let me know by email--I never take the time to read responses people make on my blog (
*if you like it, send it to friends you think might like it. I really want a wide readership.
*if you know a publisher, surely send it them them!!!!

It's almost 700 pages, so I'm going to have to figure out how to space it out.

The reason I decided to do this is that my Friend Mike, signed an email to me, "Milo". I thought he was now known by a different name, but he let me know that he just wanted to know he'd read my mystery novella, "Murder on the Block" that I put on the blog months and months ago. One of the characters was a Lt. Milo Caggianio of the Rhode Island State Police, an Italian like Mike and as spooky and funny and unpredictable as Mike was when I was around him.

Anyway, since I knew Mike read "Murder on the Block", I though, what the heck, why not share "The Igloo Factory" with whoever is out there reading Under the Castor Oil Tree. Who knows who you are? I'm always startled by some unexpected person who talks to me about something I wrote on UtCOT. What a joy that is, by the way.

So, beginning next week--maybe I'll do it the same day each week like a Dickens serialization--though I'm no Dickens, God knows....But then, God, I expect, knows everything....

OK, as a 'teaser' I'll give you a 'synopsis' of "The Igloo Factory"--which is akin to trying to dress a python in a tuxedo--that I sent to an agent who asked for one.


(1989--Buchannon, West Virginia)
Deep in the chill February mountain night, Reed is writing. He is writing a story he promised Meyer he would write someday. And he is trying, as best he can, to make it TRUE--just the way Meyer wanted. In the light of his Carl Yastrezemski lamp, Reed had fallen through a crack in his brain and is once more walking the streets of Cambridge, headed toward the Igloo Factory. It is June and very hot and he can't get his mind off the girl he met that morning on a wall outside a church. Her name was Sandy.
In June 1968, Thomas Reed Daley had just finished college at a Great Midwestern University and had been suddenly struck illiterate after reading a letter from his father from beyond the grave. His senior thesis adviser rescued Reed for the squalor his life had become and sent him to a certain Brigham Francis, proprietor of the only nudist Day Care Center in Somerville, Massachusetts. It was the only thing to do. And Brigham sent him from Oz to The Igloo Factory and Meyer T Meyer (no period after the T please) and Reed's healing.

Meyer was a strange, illusive character, full of enigmas and vastness. He watched over the "wanderers on the earth" who wander, for some reason or another to the Factory. Reed is trying to tell the wanderers' story as well and his and Meyers.

First installment next Wednesday. I've decided to do it on Wednesdays.

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