Monday, April 2, 2012

Why I'm becoming suspicious

I just signed on, obviously, to my blogger site. But a screen came up I'd never seen before. It wanted me to add a mobile phone # to my account. One, I didn't know I had an "account". I thought I had a 'site'. A site, in my mind, seems a lot less involving and constricting than something called "an account". I have a 'bank account'...and I believe I understand what that means--a bank keeps my money and keeps 'account' of when my money comes in and goes out.

Plus, this screen told me that if I didn't register my mobile phone # I might lose accent to my blogger 'account' like if I forgot my password.

First of all, I have a dumb phone. All I can do it phone calls and texting. I've gotten a few texts along the line but never responded, trying to discourage people from 'texting' me. Today my good friend actually texted me to know if we were still having lunch. I actually responded by pressing '9' three times, 3 two times and 7 four times--YES is what I texted. I've never done that before. I feel violated and sullied.

If it hadn't been my dear friend I would have never done it.

I don't want to access my blog on my phone and I don't want "Blogger" to have my phone #.

Perhaps I've just lived too long.

I hate this stuff that rhymes with "Mitt".

And because of the trauma that screen wanting my cell phone #--which was hard to get past, let me tell you--caused me, I don't remember what I wanted to blog about.

What a post traumatic screen disorder can do!

Don't ever, ever text me....

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