Thursday, May 17, 2012


I. I saw a TV show about hummingbirds. It was remarkable. Really
*Hummingbirds only live in the Americas, nowhere else. Let Australia have kangaroos, I'll take hummingbirds every day.
*Ruby throated hummingbirds, which we have each year, have their young in the North East, if they can calm down enough to mate--and then fly to Central America. Go figure.
*There are hundreds of kinds of hummingbirds. Imagine...

II. I sat on our back deck for two hours on this almost perfect day.
*I'm amazed at the number of birds flying through our back yard.
*Then I noticed how many flying insects were out there since we don't do any pesticides and haven't for the 25 years we've lived here.
* Most of our neighbors do use pesticides and put up frightening little signs like not to let children or pets be there and not to breathe as you walk by.
*Bern, God bless her, has created a perfectly balanced ecosystem in our back yard in a quarter of a century. Insects come there (since they can't go to most of our neighbors) and so all the birds come here to eat the insects. Plus, all Bern's red flowers attract hummingbirds.
*Our back yard (about 1/4 an acre) is a wonder and a joy....

III. I took a Bolla metal container that originally held two wine bottles--some gift to me, I suspect, that was 2/3 full of coins to the coin eating machine today. I got $72.02 from it--about $35 of which were from pennies.
*I've been putting coins in this container for, I don't know, 15 years. But I regularly, over the years, have mined it for quarters and even dimes to buy cigarettes, when you could have enough dimes to by cigarettes and not break your back carrying them.
*I thought it would be more since it was so heavy I almost dislocated my shoulder carrying it. But pennies, I guess, weigh a lot.
* What was interesting was what I found among the $72.02 of change: 2 small safety pins, an unused wooden match, a ten something Taiwanese coin, a guitar pick, a 21 sided Dungeons and Dragons dice, an earring, a little bell, a large pill, an ancient Rolaid's, 3 valueless tokens for a car wash long gone, a Euro and about a pound and a half in small coins.
*Coins are very dirty. I washed my hands the way the sign in Stop and Shop's bathroom told me to, though I think since signs are the end of civil liberties as we know them. Coins are that dirty.

None of this goes together unless you ponder it really hard. And maybe not even then. Who knows.

Who takes enough time to wonder how 'stuff' relates to other 'stuff'. Who knows?

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