Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bird and Bach

OK, I think I've gotten some of the nonsense of the new and unimproved down. Maybe I can write about something besides how upset I am with the new and ridiculous home page for Blogger.

Our bird, a parakeet named Maggie, loves classical music. So we keep WSHU--the last classical music NPR station we can receive--on by her cage all day.

I haven't done a scientific study (Lord knows I couldn't do a 'scientific' study given the NFP ending of my Meyers-Briggs scale) but I've noticed some things.

Like that organ music makes her lean against her cage on the side where the radio is and not move.

Bach, in any form, seems to have the same effect.

She dances back and forth to most of the Romantic stuff.

She sings along with Mozart.

It gives me faith in music to watch her.

It has similar impact on me. I really miss the great McManis organ at St. John's. I'd just lean into the side of my cage and be joyfully still.

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