Sunday, January 18, 2015

On my way to Killingworth this morning...

I saw 14 cars in some kind of accident on my way to Killingworth to do church this morning.

Two were collisions, but the rest were cars that skidded off the road.

When I got to the first hill on Rt. 68, three cars were off the road and four people were walking up, holding each other to not fall on the ice, I rolled down my window and a man, skidding around, told me there was no way to go up or down the hill if you touched your brakes. So I went in first gear.

One woman had skidded over the guard rail and had her car a dozen feet into the woods, I saw 4 different police cars responding to one or another of the accidents.

Emmanuel Church is 24 miles from Cheshire. It took me 55 minutes to get there. Yet there was a good crowd--37 or so, with 9 children for Sunday School.

Nothing like the 70 car pileups near Philadelphia, but enough to make me wonder why I was out driving on black ice.

Hope you're morning was better.

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