Wednesday, March 23, 2016

OK, we've now moved to 'too much'...

Just when you thought the political debate couldn't get any crasser or more demeaning--well, you were wrong!

A Ted Cruz Super PAC ran an ad in Utah (where Mormans live) of Donald Trump's wife naked in some magazine spread saying something like "meet your new first lady...or you could vote for Ted Cruz."

It was Donald's (I think) third and current wife (and why hasn't that come up among Evangelicals?).

So Trump tweeted (if elected he will run the country through Twitter!) that he might "spill the beans" on Ted's wife. Whatever the hell that means.

OK, adult people know to stop before trashing another person's spouse. They just do.

I'm through writing about these adolescents until they start 'dising each others' mothers.

That's sure to come, given the way all this is going.

I give the nomination to which one--Ted or Donnie--uses the MF word first....It's just what their supporters deserve.

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