Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What a scam!

Yesterday I got 4 robocalls in 20 minutes--all the same: it went like this....

We've been trying to get in touch with you, a somber female voice said, This is the Internal Revenue Service and we are calling to let you know the IRS is filing a law suit against you. You must call the following number (she gives a number with a 305 area code) to hear about this law suit. Then she repeats the number and tells me 'to call immediately'.

Well, I didn't believe it for a moment--since the IRS obviously knows how to get in touch with me! And 4 calls in a quarter of an hour or so just seemed bogus.

I had to call Jane, who prepares our taxes, about a question she had so I told her about the calls.

It seems they start around this time of year and many people call the number and are offered 'a settlement' for their law suit.

What a scam!

And people who aren't as cynical as me might fall for it.

Jane told me the IRS will never call--they use the postal service. Government agencies working together....

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