Friday, October 27, 2017


That in itself--'exhaustion'--may save the President who shall not be named from his fate.

There's just so much, every single day, every hour, to enrage me that I may become exhausted with rage and just let it be as it is.

I hope not. I hope I can keep my rage and indignation and disappointment going at high speed. That's what we all need to do.

Robert Muller got  his first indictments today (still under a seal by the judge that gave them) and your president and his talking heads can't stop talking about Obama and uranium and Hillary's emails.

Distraction is his greatest (perhaps only) working strategy. Throw attention somewhere else when the Truth gets too close. Change the subject. Insult someone. Say something so ridiculous people can't believe you said it out loud. That's all he and his minions do.

And meanwhile, the environment's protection is being dismantled, heath care is being gutted, anything labeled "regulation" is under attack, whatever it's meant to regulate and a tax plan/budget that will deeply damage the poor and enrich the rich is making it's way through the Republican controlled Congress.

Shake off your exhaustion. Stand up and speak out. Living in Connecticut (one of the most Blue of Blue States) it's hard to figure out how to take action. But we all must.

Muller could shake things up soon. The 2018 elections could change the landscape. Impeachment doesn't seem the distant dream it once was.

Get some sleep and ratchet up your Rage!

Let's do this. For the country's sake. For the world's sake. For our sake....For goodness sake....

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