Saturday, May 12, 2018

doing the circuit...

Today all three of the churches in the Middlesex Area Cluster Ministry, which I serve as interim Missioner, had an event.

Emmanuel, Killingworth had a tag sale as part of a larger Killingworth tag sale day (maps provided by the Killingworth Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary. It was 9-1 and I got there as it was winding down.

St. Andrew's, Northford had its annual Rhubarb Festival from 2-4. They have 'everything rhubarb' you can imagine: cookies, pies, bread, cheese cake, all things with rhubarb in it.

Then, from 5-7, St. James, Higganum had the pulled pork dinner they hold each year with all proceeds going to the Relay for Life--a walk for Cancer research. Folks stay up all night smoking the meat on an outdoor 10 foot by 4 foot grill they built.

Lots of driving in a drizzle. But I listened to the Yankee game and took a book to read when I was early for something.

These three little churches--and they are little--Sunday attendance at Northford around 20 some, Killingworth 30 some and Higganum 35-40 most more than churches 5 times their size!

I've never been around such profoundly dedicated people.

The churches are remarkably different though all are rural Connecticut--and they are exactly alike in one way: the devotion of their members.

God bless them. They give me hope for the church of the future--a pre-Nicene model of small, dedicated, closely knit communities.

I'm humbled to be able to be a part of their lives and ministries.


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