Sunday, November 18, 2018

A cold to write home about...or, on my blog

I've had the cold of the century, the grand-father of all colds, the cold to write home about, one home-made shit of a cold for a week.

It started last Sunday. I was afraid my snot would fall into the communion wine. I had tissues in both pockets of my alb and used the sanitizing lotion up at the altar half-a-dozen times.

It started with Bern 4 or 5 days earlier. She graciously shared it with me--who says married couples should share everything!!!

Her cold had gone to her chest when my cold was still in my head. But mine got lower down soon enough. If I didn't use a C-path machine at night I would have never slept. But sleep I did--10 hours a night every night. With cough syrup, chest congestion pills, nose spray and finally, prednizone, I've gotten better and better. Food still doesn't taste right and if I do anything physical I have a shortness of breath.

But I do believe I'll survive.

May you remain cold free--it's a bitch, let my tell you.

And whatever else you do as Thanksgiving approaches--pray for the people of California and the fire fighters and the environment.   And give thanks if you don't live there.

Be well and stay well, Umfandusi....

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