Monday, December 16, 2019

Check Engline Light

Coming home from church yesterday, my Check Engine Light came on.

I had two appointments at 1 and 2, so I took my car to English Auto Shop in the morning.

I only had to wait 10 minutes and one of the English brothers came out and plugged a computer into someplace under the dash.

In a couple of minutes, he opened my little glass door and screwed in the gas cap.

That was what it was!

I said, "I'm an idiot!"

He said, "at least you can admit it. Lots of idiots can't."

So, I'm an idiot as well as a klutz.

At least I know it and can admit it.

They didn't charge me.

If you live in Cheshire, go to English Auto Shop if you need something.

They are great. We've be going there for over 30 years.

They're the best.

And they don't charge idiots who admit that they are....

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