Friday, August 14, 2020

In a box

Bern does face time on her phone with Eleanor every weekday. Today, Eleanor put her dad's tablet in and box and shut the top. Bern was in the dark.

These days it feels like that to me--I'm in a box.

Part of it is good--I'm safe from the virus out there in the world.

The other part isn't good. The president creates an alternative reality and I have no access to the truth except around the edges where the light edges through.

Schools should open--it's safe.

The economy should open--it's safe.

The Israel-United Arab Emirates peace deal saves the middle east--believer Jarred.

The post office changes are for the best--all is well.

Kamela Harris is 'nasty'--all the time.

But the light that seeps in tells me all that is a lie.

Things are not well.

Our democracy is in peril.

Joe Biden must--MUST--be elected.

It's the only hope, the only way to open the box.

(all opinions here are mine and mine only)




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