Monday, September 7, 2020

It's just getting worse....

When the Atlantic magazine published an article that the president passed up a tour of a cemetery in France to Americans who died there in WW II, it was quickly confirmed by other news sources, including a Fox News reporter.

The Atlantic article quoted 4 confidential sources that were in the room when the president cancelled the trip because it was raining and his hair would get messed up. He also, reportedly said those dead soldiers were 'suckers' and 'losers' because they died. Never-mind that they were protecting the country the president vowed to 'make great again' and failed himself.

But now it's come out that instead of the cemetery, the president went to the American ambassador to France's residence and removed art objects to take back to the White House! Even the administration has not refuted these charges.

To make it worse, Francis Brennan, director of strategic response (whatever that is) for the president's campaign, tweeted a video of Joe Biden actually visiting a cemetery and the graves of his son, Bo (brain cancer in 2018) and first wife Neilia and daughter, Naomi (1972--car accident). A reporter outside the cemetery called out, 'come speak to us'.

Joe waved but continued his visits to graves.

Brennan wrote over the video, 'Joe just keeps meandering along.'

People exploded on twitter calling Brennan everything he deserved to be called and more.

One man not visiting the graves of American heroes who were, in his mind, 'losers'. Only to kidnap art instead.

One man visiting graves of 3 people he loved with all his heart and not wanting to be distracted by reporters.

Which man would you respect and vote for.

(By the way, while Biden was going to church and visiting graves on Sunday, the president was golfing!!!)

Enough said....

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