Friday, August 13, 2021

2020 census

 According the the census data, white population dropped 6% in the last 10 years.

Black, Latino and Asian-American populations all grew.


White people (an I am one of them) cause more problems for our country than all the other groups combined. Think of January 6 and the White Power rally in Charlottesville and Q-anon, among others. Attacks on Asians continue to climb, Black Americans suffer from the police, and Latinos are denied the immigration our ancestors took advantage of.

The three churches I served as a full-time priest: St. James in Charleston, WV (a predominately Black church); St. Paul's, New Haven (1/3 Black) and St. John's, Waterbury (1/3 Black--mostly from the West Indies and a Hispanic congregation of over 100 on most Sundays)--those were places where I learned what it meant to people of color of White dominance.

My daughter-in-law is Asian. She's a judge and her father and two brothers are doctors.

Come save us Asian-Americans!

I hope I live long enough to live in a country where White people are in the minority.

That will be the day America is truly GREAT again....

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