Saturday, October 30, 2021

Despair and Exultation!

I was about to set off to pick up the pizza we ordered for dinner (Margarita with anchovies, if you're interested) when I discovered my keys and wallet weren't where I always put them.

I was stunned.

Bern and I searched high and low. Bern went to my car to see if I'd left them there.

"I had them yesterday," I said full of anquish.

"Did you go out yesterday?" she asked.

She said I didn't and I half believed her.

But luckily, I believed her enough to go check my laundry bag.

Sure enough, they were in the pants I wore 'day before yesterday'!

Finding them gave me such a rush of adrenaline that I went to pick up the pizza and some wine with the cane I always use outside.

Didn't realize I'd left it until I saw it when I brought the pizza into the kitchen.

Despair and exultation within a few minutes of each other.... 

In the best order too.


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