Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The passage of time

Friday will be a month since Dr. Shai reattached my quad muscle to my knee. I still have over two weeks to continue wearing my ankle to thigh leg immobilizing brace. All told, over 6 weeks on crutches and being pretty helpless to do many things for myself. (I thank God every moment for Bern's help....)

But we all know (I think) that time and space are relative. A minute at one time seems shorter or longer than a minute at another time. (I'm not sure that's what Albert E. meant, but it seems accurate!)

Sometimes, as I'm sure you'll agree, 'time flies...' and at other times it drags along like a wounded animal.

This morning I watched a movie on HBO called Me and Earl and a Dying Girl. I'm sure it was 90+ minutes long, but it was over in a nonce! Getting from our TV room to the bathroom (some 20 feet or less) on the other hand, takes me what seems like a quarter of an hour.

Same with this whole recovery: that it's been a month seems impossible. It couldn't be that long! But some of the days have seemed interminable.

What I've been consciously working on is being appreciative of each moment--the 'moving though amber' ones as well as those that flit away.

Each moment holds something precious (or challenging) it seems to me. The precious and the challenging each deserve to be acknowledged, experienced fully, savored.

At least it seems that way to me in my immobile, philosophical mood....

Something to ponder about the passage of time....

Monday, October 24, 2016

Two weeks to go

Two weeks from tomorrow night and it will mercifully be over!

Since I've been laid up I've watched much to much TV--mostly CNN and MSNBC. I love politics but several hours a day of it is driving me up the wall.

I can't wait for it to be over.

The other thing about day-time TV is that the commercials on all stations seem synchronized to be at the same time! Trump should talk about 'rigged commercial breaks" instead of 'rigged elections'....

I have found a station with lots of Burn Notice each day--I love Michael and Same and Fiona!

Seinfeld has aged a lot better than Friends. I guess a show about 'nothing' endures since 'nothing' stays about the same over decades.

Too much TV makes you a little loopy, it seems to me....

Saturday, October 22, 2016

out to church again

I won't be able to drive for another 3 or more weeks, but I'm getting a ride tomorrow to Emmanuel in Killingworth to preach and celebrate!

It will be so great to be in church again....

I haven't been to Eucharist since Sept.28---perhaps the longest time since the 1970's that I haven't been a part of a worshiping community.

I am, for  the most part, very left-wing and  unconventional about churchy things. But the sacrament is dear and real to me.

I really long for tomorrow and the Body and Blood of Christ....

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Being an adult

I'm still braced from ankle to thigh on my right leg, yet I'm going to Greenwich tomorrow with my friend to an all day Clergy 'safe-church' event.

I was going to Washington, CT on Oct. 1, but my surgery was Sept 28, so that wasn't possible. Greenwich is the last of a series of required 'safe church' sessions for clergy in CT. Failure to attend is considered reason to be suspended from active ministry.

I realize I've spent much of my life behaving as if 'the rules' didn't really apply to me. And though I'm sure my surgeon wouldn't want me out from 7 am to 7 pm, sitting up all day, I didn't ask him for a 'note to the teacher'. I'm going, like an adult, in spite of how tiring and uncomfortable it might be.

I realize this is nothing more than most people would do, but I've not always done what 'most people would do'. It's disingenuous, I know, to be sort of 'tooting my own horn' for doing the adult thing.

But I've not always done that, by a long shot.

So let me pat myself on the back this one time....

Monday, October 17, 2016

When Ellie smiles...

Mimi and Tim (my daughter and son-in-law) visited this weekend with baby Ellie (my fourth granddaughter) who is just over two months old.

I'm still hobbling around on crutches and wasn't a very good host, but Bern was a fabulous host--and an even more fabulous grandmother!

Ellie is (and I know I'm prejudiced!) a remarkable little baby. Tim is 41 and Mimi is 38, so they are much more mature than Bern and I were at 25 and 28 when Josh was born and three years after that when Mimi came along. They are so calm and loving that Ellie is calm and engaging herself.

She sat in a little holder that rocked much of the time they were here. She looks around and seems to be thinking thoughts beyond her 9 week old brain and smiles a lot. And when she smiles--when Ellie smiles--we all melt....

We hadn't seen her for a month and she has gained lots of weight and even more 'adorableness' in that time.

It was a wonderful two days. I love them so. And I love everything about Ellie, but when she smiles I just dissolve into wonder....

Friday, October 14, 2016

Clown apocalypse...

The Apocalypse is on us! It isn't zombie's or vampires or the Trump campaign...for goodness sake's, it's clowns!!!

Let me be honest here: I've never liked clowns very much. Too frenetic, too much makeup, silly noses, stupid shoes. And they try too hard.  Give me a stand up comic or an old episode of Seinfeld when I want a good laugh any time. Clowns have always seemed a tad creepy to me--since childhood.

But I never thought of them as malignant until the past month or so.

What is it will all the scary clown sightings these days? Isn't it enough that a scary clown is running for President? Do we really need clowns slinking around in wooden areas freaking out folks?

McDonald's has announced Ronald McDonald won't be making public appearances while the clown sightings are at such a fever pitch....

Bozo is getting a bad name.

I just don't get it. But I don't get Twitter either....

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Looking up...

I went to see Dr. Shei (Shay) yesterday and my recovery is well ahead of his expectations.

(So much for the "older people don't heal as fast..." naysayers!)

I start PT next week and though I'm still on crutches with the ankle to thigh brace, I can put weight on my right toes which makes getting around a great deal easier.

I can't drive but can travel and should have my leg back in a month--2 weeks earlier than he originally said.

Besides that, Mimi, Tim and baby Elli are coming up from NYC this weekend.

Things are looking up....(Not to mention Clinton's poll numbers!)

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