Monday, January 27, 2020

The Bradley Girls

Today we got Josh and Cathy's yearly calendar.

It is full of pictures of our three granddaughters.

There are even a few pictures of them with Eleanor McCarthy, our daughter's girl.

I gave Bern a picture a few years ago that said:

"I didn't know how much love my heart could hold
until someone called me 'grandma'."

It's true for 'gandpa' as well.

Oh, those girls....Those girls....

Sunday, January 26, 2020

1/26/2020==RIP Kobe and Gianna

Tragic that 41 year old Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash today.

He was a hero of mine on my favorite NBA team, the Lakers (because Jerry West of West Virginia University played for them).

But more tragic was that his 13 year old daughter Gianna was with him. She is the age of my twin granddaughters, Morgan and Emma. What a loss.

Kobe had much yet to contribute to our world.

But Gianna's life was snuffed out as a child.


Who do you believe?

I watch Sunday talk shows (and Saturday Night Live!) on youtube on Sunday late afternoon and evening.

Today I heard Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN) say of the impeachment proceedings, "hopefully, it will be instructive" to the president and cause him to change his behavior.

He said that on the same day that the president tweeted this:

"Shifty Adam Shiff is a CORRUPT POLITICIAN and probably a very sick man. He has not payed the price, yet, for what he has done to this country."

After Sen. Braun was on Face the Nation, Adam Shiff was. He was asked if he took that tweet as a threat.

He said, "I think it was meant that way."

So, who do you believe?

Will the president change his ways, 'be instructed', or will he continue to attack all opponents like a Mafia don?

Friday, January 24, 2020

B*lls or no B*lls

The democratic members of the House, over three days, have laid out, in detail and tediously, why the president should be impeached.

Now it is getting close to seeing whether Republicans have the b*lls to call for documents or witnesses or not.

I may be incorrect in saying "Republicans" since that party has become the party of "He Who Will Not Be Named" in this blog.

I hear Republicans--real ones--on TV and radio every day saying they have no faith in this president and they are not part of his party any more.

The president has taken over the party and holds them in fear of him and his 40% or so base. For politicians, "election" is the key and this President has threatened them that if they defy him he will bring hell down on them.

No one, who supports the president, had put out any cogent defense against what the impeachment says. There is none.

So do they just dismiss what he did and vote to acquit or not.

Probably the former.

Though over 70% of Americans, in recent polls, want to have documents and witnesses.

Has the president cut off the Senators' b*lls?

I fear so.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

A miracle!!!

I went to the DMV in Hamden today, normally a nightmare. But after telling the guy at the desk that I needed to turn in plates from the car we gave to Mimi and Tim and they registered in New York, I hadn't even sat down before my number was called!

I wasn't there even five minutes and got what I wanted.

I also went to the assessor's office and called our insurance agent.

All in a matter of minutes.

A miracle in my book!

A miracle!!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020


My urologist, Dr. Wong, who looks so much like my daughter-in-law, Cathy Ch
en, that having her touch me there is weird, sent me to an oncologist.

Another woman doctor who has a name with 11 letters in it but is an Episcopalian and goes to Trinity on the Green in New Haven.

The problem is this: I have no prostrate gland, it was removed by surgery because it was cancerous over 15 years ago. But in the last couple of years my PSA in my blood samples have risen as high as 5.2. It should be zero since the prostrate produces PSA.

I now understand that neither urologists or oncologists understand why someone without a prostrate has a PSA count.

They just don't know.

As much as they know, and they know multitudes more than me, they just don't know.

I've had a couple of scans from Dr. Wong and there was nothing there.

Friday next I'll have a pet scan with the oncologist that should say definitely if little pieces of my cancerous prostrate traveled elsewhere.

Hopefully that scan will mean Dr. Wong won't do the test where she sticks a camera down my penis into my bladder which is scheduled in mid-February.

If you've never had a camera put into your bladder, be thankful and I envy you.

But if you have, I hope it wasn't done by someone who looks like your daughter-in-law.

Weird beyond imagining.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

"Show" and "Whoa" trial

It's all there in the Senate chamber--the chief justice, the house prosecutors, the president's defense team and 100 silent, supposedly listening senators.

But it's just "show" and "whoa".

The first amendment to the cooked up rules by Senator McConnell was defeated 53-47--straight party lines. And all that was being asked was for witnesses and evidence to be subpoenaed before the trial begins, not at the end.

In no other impeachment trial in the history of the United States--presidential or judicial or other--has the Senate not subpoenaed witnesses and documents.

But they probably won't in this one.

53-47 all the way.

Alas and Alack.

I think the President should be removed. But I would want to hear from everyone involved and see all the evidence available before voting.

Not here.

This is just a 'show'.

This is 'whoa let's stop."

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