Friday, January 13, 2012

ultimate and eternal humiliation....

I'll be straight with you. I just watched a Justin Bieber (is that how you spell it?) music video in its entirety. And here's the worst wasn't bad at all.

I could claim I was almost tricked into it by watching a video of a guy and his groomsmen at his wedding reception doing a dance to the song and below that was the opportunity to see Justin's video. That's what happened, but I won't admit to being tricked. I watched it willingly, without any force being applied. And here's the worst wasn't all that bad.

As a committed NPR junkie--I need at least a three hour Public Radio 'fix' every day...usually more--I knew who Justin Bieber was (how can you not know who Justin Beiber is...tried another spelling?) but had never heard a song of his. Never. Not once.

And was proud of that fact.

I planned to shuffle off this mortal coil without hearing the young man sing. I'm an NPR snob. I don't experience things like Justin however his last name is spelled. (Nothing I've tried passes the spell check test...maybe I should try "Justin Beaver", don't go there....)

But of my own free will and without any outside or social pressure or a good friend telling me I should (by the way, I have no 'good friends' who would suggest listening to Justin what-ever-his-last name is, not in a million years) I, myself, watched the video from start to finish and thought it wasn't all that bad. He's no Michael Jackson, but there was a dramatic narrative to the song and he has a pleasant voice....

Oh, stop! I'm trying to rationalize doing something I would have put in the same category as voting for Mitt Romney....I did it. I admit it.

I kinda liked it....

Ultimate and eternal humiliation....

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