Monday, May 14, 2012

The inadequacy of 'green' and baby robins

First the sublime. Mama Robin has at least two little fuzzy babies on our front porch. That brings, over three years, to at least 8 baby robins born to the and up of our front door! Wondrous to me.

Also wondrous to me is sitting on our back deck and looking at the back yard Bern has so diligently and lovingly cultivated since 1989. What I noticed today is at least 18 shades of what English calls 'green' in our back yard. How inadequate is that? I know about lime green and dark green and military green and several other distinctions. But we don't have 18 distinctions for 'green'.

In a world where there are baby robins, we should have at least 18 words for 'green'.

What I think, anyway. I'm pondering baby robins and 'green' tonight....

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