Wednesday, May 16, 2012

what really brings out the libertarian in me

Most Liberals have a streak of libertarian in them. In fact, Liberal libertarians are shocked to discover there are Right-Wing libertarians. What's up with that? Didn't read Ayn Rand?

Like me, I can listen to Ron Paul for quite a while and find myself nodding in agreement as he outlines personal freedoms like decriminalizing drugs, ending all the wars everywhere, the government stopping violating privacy, on and on....Then, he says something about ending Social Security or the Welfare System or doing away with the Department of Education and I snap to attention and say, "Where the hell did that come from???"

Here's what really reveals my libertarian streak: Signs telling you how to wash your hands!!!!

Who thinks they have the right to tell me how to wash my hands???

What if I don't want to run the water 20 seconds or use soap or turn the door knob with my paper towel?

What if I don't want to wash my hands at all???

And where did these signs come from? What kind of Fascists plot is this--to control hand washing? But they're everywhere these days.

Sometimes they even order me to sing some song while I soap my hands just so I'll do it long enough to satisfy the hand washing Nazi's wanting to purify the race by getting rid of all hand washers who don't conform!

Really! "Happy Birthday" to enslave us all to a totalitarian hand washing regime.

Dirty Hands of the World, Rise Up! Tear down those signs whenever you encounter one! No Chains on me and No 20 seconds of soaping either....

Next they'll be telling us "WE HAVE TO pour beer down the side of the glass to avoid a head...."

When will it stop? How to put on your pants one leg at a time? Is that what it will come to?

Let's recall Scott Walker and then start rooting out the Hand Washing Cartel.

Join me brothers and sisters, cast off the System's Hand Washing oppression....

(And only floss once a day, no matter what your Reactionary Dentist tells you....)

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