Thursday, November 8, 2012

I Swear to God...

"I swear to God' this  happened.

Hey, I'm an Episcopal priest, I take oaths to God with a modicum of seriousness....

Late Monday night I went on Huffington Post web site, which has had for months an election map which has invariably favored President (I said "President") Obama. On Monday night it had the president with 271 electoral votes and Mitt Romney with 190 with lots undecided. It also had the opportunity for you to go on and figure out your prediction.

I  played with it for a while and then wrote down this:

Obama 303, at least.
With Floridia, 332.

I put that piece of paper in a paperback copy of Alice in Wonderland and put it in Bern's desk.

Far before Ohio was called, I went and got it and gave it to Bern.

"I wish I was as confident as you," she said.

"I'm not 'confident'," I told her, "I'm right."

This evening Florida fell into Obama's column, giving him 332 electoral votes rather than the 303 he had before that.

Hey, I'm not Nate Silver by any means. I went with my gut and my hope. And I NAILED IT!!!

If you don't believe me--and why should you--ask Bern, she'll tell you it is so.....

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