Tuesday, November 20, 2012

So it begins....

Mimi arrived on the 6 pm train from Grand Central. Life got brighter and more wondrous when I picked her up.

The dog follows her around instead of me. Everyone is blessed by Mimi.

Cathy and the girls and Sumi, the dog, leave Baltimore tomorrow morning--the earlier the better think. We've talked to the girls and they are 'So Excited!!!' About coming to Connecticut. To them it seems like a wonderland.

Josh will come on the train after work--maybe here by 9 or so tomorrow night.

Tim comes on Thanksgiving on Amtrak. John will pick him up and then pick up Hanna and the the 11 of us will have Thanksgiving together.

Not much better than that.

May your thanksgiving be as rich and wondrous as ours.

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