Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bern and the kitchen sink

Our kitchen is still not done. It's 8 days and counting, We have no kitchen sink and you don't know what it means until there isn't one.

Screw the kitchen sink--Bern had a biopsy on a cyst on her pancreas a week ago Monday,. The results came back late yesterday afternoon.

Completely clear!!!

MRI's every six months for a while, but no need to do anything else.

We don't need any other Christmas presents....

I can live for a long time without a kitchen sink--though it annoys me greatly.

I'm not sure how I could live without Bern.

She does so much.
My contributions to our common life is that I take out the trash and recycle stuff, I keep the litter box clean (most of the time), I cook quite a bit and I do my own laundry. Everything else, Bern does: the finances, cleaning the house, cooking when I don't, changing the beds, washing towels and sheets, talking care of everything outside--the yard and all--choosing the kitchen sink that isn't here next.

Oh, I do handle taxes, but she saves the receipts and checks and all that I need.

I haven't written more than half a dozen checks in the last quarter century.

From the moment I heard the two words "growth" and "pancreas" I imagined my life changing in ultimate ways that were not acceptable to me, but inevitable.

Deep breaths. Several.

I could live forever, I truly believe, without a kitchen sink.

I'm sure I would live on without Bern--the love of my life for 48 years and my wife for 43 years next September--but I'm not sure how or in what way or why.....

I don't need to ponder that for now.

But I do wish we had a kitchen sink.....

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