Wednesday, January 9, 2013

OK, I screwed up...quite a bit...

The Great Seal of WV was kinda like I said, but not really.

First of all, the date was June 20, 1863--I knew that back when we were doing The Golden Horseshoe test of WV history over 50 years ago!

I got the buckskin guy, but he's holding an ax, not a gun.

two hunting rifles are on the ground with a Phrygian Cap (google it) or 'cap of liberty' laying on them. There are growing vegetables and a hammer and anvil.

I got like 50% right. It's a lot more complicated than some garlands and a church steeple, that's what I saying and standing for.


(I probably misspelled some of that on my first try.)

But it is true, believe me, "Mountaineers are always free...."

They just are.

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