Monday, April 16, 2012

Birthday Eve Musings

Here on the day before my 65th birthday, I should be pondering the impenetrable mysteries of the Universe, instead, I'm sitting around in a prednizone haze, waiting for my lungs and sinuses to clear up, wondering how the hell I got this old....

I was in my 30's not that long ago, I remember. When did the next decades go? Was I just not paying attention to the march, march, march of time? And how did those two pre-adolescent children of ours get to be the last age I clearly remember?

Who put these old hands on the end of my arms and what are those little squiggly blue lines on my legs?

And where's my young beautiful wife? Someone has taken her away and left this aging woman in her place....

I'm older than my mother was when she died though still about 20 years to catch up with my father.

I think I'll have a little wine and stare blankly at the back yard, considering mortality unless I can drink fast enough....

Happy birthday, humbug!

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