Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Prednisone breakfast

One thing being on steroids will do is make you pay attention to food in a remarkable way. I've been off prednisone for several days, but the effect hangs on for a while. So, I made the best omelet I've ever had this morning for breakfast.

Two eggs--only one yoke (cholesterol kills!)
two slices of bacon, fried and drained (but not that much)
an artichoke heart, leaves broken off and eat the heart
Bree, sliced thin

beat the egg with salt, pepper, hot pepper flakes

lots of butter in the pan on medium high heat

pour in egg, add bacon in pieces, leaves of artichoke and Bree. Let egg set and fold over.

garnish with hot sauce and enjoy.

Best omelet I've ever had.

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