Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What I did on my 65th birthday

Jesus, am I really 65? How did this happen?

I used my Medicare card last week, so it must be true. But, I repeat, "how did this happen???"

I woke up earlier than usual since I'm on steroids and after a week they start waking you up early. It doesn't matter because you feel like you're 27 or so on steroids, which makes being 65 on steroids really weird.

I went to meet with the Clericus group I meet with every Tuesday, celebrated the Eucharist for us and had an everything bagel with cream cheese and lox.

Then I had a conversation with my Bishop about his visit to the cluster on Sunday for confirmation, etc. --14 candidates--and about a September and October 3 Wednesday forums about Roland Allen and Total Common Ministry.

I read a lot of a pot-boiler of a book by David Baldacchi that is a fast and good read (probabally good since I am getting elderly) and played probably 30 games of Hearts on the computer. I've very good at hearts on the computer because the computer plays 'not to lose' and I play to 'win' and I win almost 50 % of the games.

I made myself a pasta dish that I made up with diced tomatoes, peppers, bacon, good cheese and olives. Then I took more seroids, tapering off even though my doctor told me to stop...I know my body better than he does. Tapering off is the way to go....

My daughter Mimi called and asked what I was doing for dinner and I told her Bern was fixing me sea scallops and asparagus and fingerling potatoes. Mimi noted that she remembered that's what I'd had for birthday dinners for years and I agreed. If I were going to be executed, that would be my last meal.

Then I watched the Yankees and MSMBC--both of which I love--for a while and sat on the deck in the remarkable cool of this warm day and drank a great deal of cold, white wine and smoked a cigarette or two--only that, since I'm on steroids, and considered my mortality.

Then my son called and asked me what I've done and I told him all I told you and he didn't seem all that impressed so I told him it was the best birthday I could imagine--at 65 or any other age.

I think he acknowledged that and asked me not to use up medicare or social security before his girls--my granddaughters--were old enough to use it.

I told him I'd try.

Then I wrote this.

Now, because it is so remarkably wonderful, I'm going to sit on the deck some more and have some more cold, white wine and have another cigarette.

Not a bad day.

I talked to my children. My wife loves me more each day, as I do here. The air is cool, the wine is cold and being 65 isn't as bad as I had imagined....

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