Thursday, May 14, 2009

One more cut about 'meaning'...

OK, nothing I am writing is 'the truth' and there is no reason in heaven or on earth that you should "believe" it. I'm just asking you to consider it.


Deep breath. Consider and ponder that for a while.

If you consider that ALL REALITY IS CREATED BY WHAT WE SAY ABOUT IT then you might become aware of a possibility to create a reality that is different than what you 'said' by saying another thing about it. Example: "you looked at me 'funny'" can become, "I saw you looking at me", which opens doors previously locked with the key thrown away.

What if, just 'what if', we can create a reality that wouldn't exist otherwise just by being open to what we 'say about it'?

Stuff happens....that is the experience of life...and if we are aware (I'm humbling suggesting) that the 'meaning' of the stuff that happens isn't in the stuff that happens but in our 'saying something about it', our interpretation of it...and if we hold "what happens" as something we have a say in defining but realize our 'definition' isn't 'the truth'....What difference would that make in the way we live and move and have our being in this world?

If "Language IS reality", what if we became aware of that and realized that 'what we say' is, merely 'what we say' and not THE TRUTH...if all that were a possibility, what difference would it make to us day by day as we live on into the mystery of living and toward the Lover of Souls?

Pondering is all this is about. All this is about is Pondering....

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