Thursday, May 20, 2010

Retirement thoughts

It will be three weeks tomorrow since I stopped going to St. John's every day. I've only gone to Waterbury a couple of times--found a new movie theatre in Wallingford that's only five miles away.

A friend asked me what it was like. I told him so far it was like being on vacation. It feels that way. I take long walks. I cook more than I did. I read a book a day on average. So, so far, it's fine.

I do miss the people I worked with profoundly. Being with people most days followed by not being with them at all is strange.

And it is strange not to talk much. I once told someone my job was 'to walk around and talk a lot'. There was something to that. Now, except for Bern, I don't talk to many people where before I would talk to dozens and dozens of people a day. It's not bad. I'm discovering my introverted side. And since I enjoy my own company greatly and honor silence as 'the heart of God', it's going well.

But the people....Lordy, lordy, I do miss the people....

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