Thursday, September 23, 2010


I am a yellow dog democrat. For anyone who doesn't know what that means, I would vote for someone's Labrador Retriever (a 'yellow dog') against the Virgin Mary if she were running for crossing guard as a Republican.

I tried being an independent but it didn't work out.

Back in 1980 (remember that long ago?) I pulled my VW Bus (what else?) into the parking lot at St. Paul's in New Haven. There was a little lady with a driver holding a box waiting on me and there was a John Anderson for President bumper sticker on my car. The little lady said, "we just won't talk about politics, will we?" and had her driver carry in a box of welcome food for us. It was a wonderful . Heart of palm, capers, some tenderloin steak so fresh and sweet you could have held it raw in you mouth and your saliva would have melted it, smoked oysters, handmade pasta, imported candies for our children, English tea biscuits, two nice bottles of wine, fresh asparagus--lots of stuff we weren't used to in Charleston, West Virginia.

She told Bern and I she just wanted to welcome us to our new home. Her name, she said, was Mary House. I later found out she was Mary "Bush" House--sister of Prescott and aunt of George. No wonder my Anderson sticker was a problem!

But being an independent didn't work out. So, after that (having been a Goldwater Republican as a teenager) I became a yellow dog democrat.

More later....

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