Thursday, June 16, 2011

baby robins may be the best thing...

A week or so ago I mentioned that Mama Robin was back on her nest and couldn't imagine she had another brood.

Today I saw at least one little blind, featherless mouth open as she ate a worm and prepared to throw it up into that baby's mouth. Amazing.

On a bike ride the other day I came to a section of the Canal where about half a dozen little bunnies were running in and out of the foliage on the non-canal side of the pavement. Bunnies are adorable, but since I'm so into birds these days--just saw a tawny woodpecker adolescent in our back yard--baby robins may be the best thing.

I'll let you know about their oh-so-short childhood until, fledgling, they fly away.

Today, by the way, is the infamous 400th anniversary of Cortez's decision to burn the Inca aviary in Mexico, destroying hundreds of birds from around the Inca Empire. There must be a realm of hell for Spaniards who willfully destroy birds. (I only know this because I only listen to National Public Radio and the Yankee games on 880 a.m. and heard it on 'Bird notes'. Our parakeets, I think I've told you, got nuts when a Bird Note segment comes on....)

As you go to sleep tonight, ponder baby robins....

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