Sunday, October 7, 2012

How 'bout them 'eers'?

That's West Virginian for "How about those Mountaineers?" A question posed regarding the WVU teams.

WVU is ranked 5th in one poll and 4th in another after beating Texas, which was ranked 11th.

What a toot!

The football team has, most of my life, had a way of breaking your heart. But this year it's real.

6th in one poll and 5th in the other--this is 'in the nation' mind you--is Kansas State. WVU plays them in Morgantown Saturday after next. Imagine that! I can't even picture what Morgantown will be like on that day.

Really, this is cultural 'high' for me.

How 'bout them 'eers'?

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