Saturday, April 13, 2013

Joy needs a new word to make it mean what I feel

Tonight Tim and Mimi called.

Tim has been a part of our family for years and years--holidays and vacations together more than I can recall....but my memory isn't that good these days.

Tim and Mimi went to Bennington College at the same time. They were friends. Then when both of them were living in NYC they became more than friends. What do you call it these days--I've lost the lingo--lovers? partners? companions?

They've lived together for (well if I had any concept of linear time I could tell you) long enough, I believe, to be 'common law' married.

But tonight they called and Mimi has a ring (beautiful black diamond--we got a picture on email) and Tim apologized for not asking my permission to ask my daughter to marry him.

Ever since Tim has been with Mimi, from the first time we met him, he's been 'family'. God, we love him. A Techie and a Musician--what could be better in this brave new world?

And it has always been obvious that he loves, loves, loves our daughter. We've spent three or four vacations (my linear time thing again) with Tim and Mimi on Long Beach, North Carolina and dozens of visits to Cheshire and our visits to Brooklyn. And he loves her. And anyone who loves Mimi is, in my book, one of the best people in the world because Mimi is so terribly lovable.

I asked him months ago if he minded if I referred to him as my 'son-in-law' and he told me he has long referred to Bern and me as his 'in laws'. New rules for a new world.

And now they are going, at some point, to get married.

There is no 'down side' to this night. Tim and Mimi are going to get married. God is in his heaven and all's right with the world....

Joy. Joy and tears of joy are with me this night..."Joy" doesn't quiet do it. I need a different word to express what I feel...."enchantment"...that just might do.

I love both of them so, so much. And I am enchanted by their news....

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