Saturday, June 15, 2013


One thing I've never worried about is hair. I've always had a lot of it, enough to make my balding friends resent me for it.

And I've worn it long for decades--since the 60's, my hair has often been shoulder length and because it's very wavy, it has looked amazing--so full and so out of control.

Even today, an aging white man, my hair is several inches below my ears on the sides and below my collar--if I wore shirts with collars, which I don't.

The only two things that have changed is that my  hair, which used to be dark, dark brown, is now white and gray and I seem to be going bald right above my nose in the middle of a muddle of hair.

I have been losing hair there--not on top where Male Pattern Balding happens, or through receding hairline (my hairline, as always, is pretty much straight across).

But when I brush my hair I notice spots of scalp in the area right in the front middle of my hair. I imagine it could eventually be like a reverse 'Mohawk' do, with hair everywhere except down the middle of my head.

I'm not so much concerned--I have lots of hair and can grow it long enough that no one would notice unless they're looking....which, it now occurs to me, they may be if they read this blog.....

So it goes.

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