Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Happy Father's Day (to me)

(I wrote this on Sunday and neglected to hit 'post'. Two days late....)

There are almost no other days that make me as humble and proud and blessed as Father's Day.

There are very few parents I feel comfortable talking about kids with because ours turned out so remarkable...and not everyone's did.

Mimi (38) is the Director of Operations and Special Projects at the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art, a nationwide non-profit organization housed in New York City. Josh (41) is a lawyer at Rosenberg, Martin and Greenberg in Baltimore and three times voted 'rising star' by the Baltimore Legal Association.

He's married to a prosecutor, Cathy Chen, for the Baltimore City Prosecutor's office. They have given us three wondrous grand-daughters.

Mimi is married to Tim McCarthy, who works for Linked-In (his office is in the Empire State Building!) and they gave us baby Eleanor.

I wish I deserved them, I really do.

But, instead, they have blessed me so.

Happy Father's Day to me....

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