Monday, June 11, 2012


I saw a remarkable thing today--there are several wild canaries that come though our yard. Dozens and dozens of birds come through our yard. I told Bern today that I should sit on the back deck all day and chart the birds that come through. She gave me one of those looks like she would give me if I suggested I should see how many tablespoons are in a pound of Pete's French Roast Coffee--the only coffee we drink.

So I say, "Well, who, after all, would be interested...besides me...."

She went back to her book.

What happened was this: one of the female canaries was sitting on a little support that holds up one of the flowers that is beside the bird bath, watching a sparrow in the bird bath. Then a male canary dropped out of a hemlock, like I've seen them do, and flew straight at the sparrow and ran it away from the bird bath, chasing it back into a tree.

Then the female canary went into the bird bath for a drink and a flutter.

Birds are so amazing. I try to force myself to be aware of all their calls though that at certain times of the day a dozen might be warbling at any moment--plus our parakeet, Maggie (actually our daughter's bird but she lives with us like a 'foster parakeet'--screams almost non-stop.

Some hummingbirds have been by lately and a family of cardinals comes to walk around the back yard every day.

Who hasn't dreamed of being a bird--of flying and singing for a living.

Not a bad life, I'd say...

I like to ponder birds....

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