Saturday, June 30, 2012

firefly sighting

There are fireflies in our back yard tonight! I'm so excited!

Lightening bugs is what we called them when I was a child. I remember being breathless and sweaty in my Uncle Russell's yard as I caught lightening bug after lightening bug and put them in a Hellman's Mayo jar with insufficient holes poked in the lid by my father's pocket knife. They almost always died and I almost always ended up with one of those dirt necklaces around my neck that kids tend to get.

They are so wondrous, magical and True.

Bugs that light up. Amazing.

I will never catch another one. I am committed to let lighting bugs live and prosper.

Seeing them in my back yard tonight made me feel 7 or 8 again. But I didn't run to catch them, I only enjoyed their light, their flitting, their very Being.

The world is a better place because of fireflies. Really.

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