Monday, June 4, 2012


I asked Bern this morning if we should send the Queen a card (though I don't remember seeing any Diamond Jubilee greeting cards anywhere). Bern answered that she was 'done with the Queen'.

I admitted I rather liked the Queen and most of the royal family--all except that horrible woman who is the two princes step-mother and is always on the tabloid covers at the grocery store for saying awful things about poor Kate.

I'm not sure what Bern meant exactly about saying she was 'done with the Queen' but I think it would probably be against some law in the UK to say such things.

How can you 'be done with the Queen' anyway? The Queen is the Queen. She's always there managing to be frumpy and charming at the same time. I really worry about Bern sometimes, 'being done with the Queen' and all.

Maybe just a handwritten note of congratulations would be enough, though I'm sure she's gotten lots of mail lately.

I'm reading this pretty good book where one of the characters is on an anti-malaria medicine and I'm beginning to have her symptoms. Sometimes being a compassionate reader is not a good idea.

Besides which, my dog ate half my breakfast. I had these two little pocket sandwiches with turkey sausage, fresh arugula, some feta cheese and a table spoon of salsa. I eat my breakfast and my lunch at a table in the dining room. It's not the dining room table but is exactly like it except it's up against a wall. I sit there to eat and read whatever book I'm reading twice a day.

I left my plate on the table and went to get a glass of cranberry juice (which I drink religiously because I had a bladder infection a couple of years ago that was the most unpleasant 10 days of my whole life what with catheters that were put in badly by the butchers in the ER and tw0 days in the hospital having dozens of gallons of water flushed through my bladder and back out. The problem with the bladder is that there is only one way in and one way out and that way is full of discomfort and endless embarrassment. So I drink a 12 oz. glass of cranberry juice every morning with breakfast. Actually it is half cranberry and half apple juice--not the 'cocktail' variety that is mostly sugar and has very little actual cranberry. Sometimes I buy a bottle of cranberry only juice to mix with the all juice cranberry apple concoction. Cranberry juice undiluted is only a little less unpleasant than bladder infections so I mix it.

Anyway, before that long diversion into cranberry juice, when I came back one of my two little pita pockets was gone, most of the arugula was on the floor and my dog had an odd look on his face, probably from the salsa, which he normally doesn't eat....

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