Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Where we park

Our driveway is double wide since we share it with our next door neighbors. It's also quite long--you could get 4 regular cars bumper to bumper on our side. The neighbors put their SUV and big-ass Truck side by side so even if one of us is parked in front of the other, it is simple enough to back out.

Here's the thing: I can't figure out Bern's choices of where to park. For months at a time, she will pull all the way end and I'll park behind her, leaving room for her to back around me or even turn around and go out front first. Then, unexpectedly, she'll start parking either at the top of the driveway or half-way down. If she's at the top, I park at the end. If she's half-way down, I can choose to park behind her on in front of her.

Since we've lived here nearly 25 years, it seems too late to have a conversation about 'why' she parks where she does. I suspect she doesn't think about it at all, like it's just a whim where she stops or has to do with whether she has things to carry.

Come to think of it, I'm over-thinking the whole thing.

It's sort of like my over-thinking the American League East or the Presidential election. I actually stare at the standings nearly every day figuring out how many games the Yankees have left at home and away and what they need to do to increase their lead. The lead went from 10 to 3 1/2 despite my best over-thinking. Maybe I should let that go the way of where we park....just let it go to wherever things go when you let them go....

I'm about to decide to stop over-thinking Romney and Obama too. My problem is, I can't imagine why anyone would vote for Romney. I think and think and think myself sick and can't come up with one reasonable argument for voting for Romney. So why is the race, according to everyone--and I mean EVERYONE--really close? I can imagine making a mistake and putting a mark in the wrong place. Which means Romney might get a couple of thousand votes. But what would possess someone to purposefully vote for him?

I ask Republicans about it and they explain in no uncertain terms 'why'. But it leaves me in a state similar to sitting at the opening of my driveway wondering why Bern took the spot she did.

As summer begins to 'let go', I guess I should too....We're leaving on vacation Friday. I promise not to over-think things while in North Carolina. It would be a good bet that I probably won't 'think' much at all....

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