Sunday, March 3, 2013

3 hours is a bit of time

OK, if you read this blog (and you wouldn't be reading it if you weren't reading it now....) you need to know that the time the blog says I wrote something is three hours earlier than I really did.

I thought it was off, but I just posted a blog at 8:16 pm and the time on the blog said 5:16 pm.

Although I'm normally unstuck in linear time, it seems to me the blog page should at least be able to get the time right. How am I to know whether other things are wrong? Any misspelling is the fault of the blog, as well as violations of William Strunk Jr.'s and E.B. White's The Elements of Style, which I actually possess a copy of. (Oops, ending a sentence with a preposition! Blog-Spot did that!)

I don't often look at it, because I practically memorized it, being an English Major and all that. And I'd just assumed it was the copy from my university years. But I picked it up and discovered it is the Property of the Town of Cheshire. The last name on the checkout list is my very own son, Josh Bradley, written in a script that is his alone and can neither be imitated or understood unless you happen to be his father.

So Josh stole The Elements of Style from Cheshire High School. Well, if you're going to turn to a life of crime, what's better, shooting someone, selling drugs or stealing a book to improve your writing style?

God bless him. Because of his theft I have a copy of the book that was my constant companion for 4 years during the late 60's as I wrote essays on Shakespeare's plays, Thomas Wolfe's novels and the poetry of almost everyone. That's my boy....

It's now 8:29 p.m. but you'll be told, inaccurately, that I posted this at 5:29 pm.

Just remember that.

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