Friday, March 1, 2013

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I don't get the problem everyone had with Seth what's-his-name at the Oscars. I thought he was funny. 'Course I do like adolescent kinds of humor....

I watched the whole Oscar show because I love movies. I told someone the other day I watched the whole thing in real time and they looked at me like I should be in a padded cell.

My three favorite movies of last year were, in order Silver Linings Playbook, Argo and Lincoln so I had a great time watching the Oscars. And though Seth what's-his-name was tasteless and vulgar, I thought he was funny. 'Course my granddaughters and I think farts and 'poopie' as an adjective (as in 'poopie face' or 'poopie mouth') are funny.

Today I saw what will surely make my top 5 movies of 2013--The Quartet directed by Dustin Hoffman and staring a whole bunch of British stars including Maggie Smith who should get a nomination. I can't say enough good about The Quartet so I'll just give you the categories I think it should get awards for: acting (Maggie and three or four others would make my list), sound track (it takes place in a Home for Retired Musicians so there is music throughout), directing, cinematography (incredible interior and exterior stuff), film editing (with all the music and different camera angles it must have been a nightmare for editing) and final credits (Oh, I know there's no award for the credits, but their should be and this movie should be nominated.) If you saw Argo you will remember the credits included pictures of the actors beside the real life person they played. In Quartet, it seems that many of the people in the home were, in fact, retired musicians so during the credits--when the Quartet is finally heard--there were pictures of the actors along side of pictures of them as young musicians....Just great....

So, if you see it, stay for the credits....

On another note: did you know you can major in Equine Management at Post University in Waterbury? I saw it on one of those highway billboards that changes--you know what I mean--different message every 15 seconds or so.

The billboard showed a show horse jumping. What the hell is Equine Management and why would you need a degree to do it?

And why aren't those signs that change against the law? I almost wreck when I pass one trying to see as many versions as possible....

And when I went to Plainville to see The Quartet (because it wasn't playing anywhere nearer) I noticed a Taco Bell/Long Johns Silver's across the road from where the Multiplex was. So tell me, who dreams up these fast food marriages? Does Taco Bell and Long John Silver's occur to you in the same thought--if they occur to you at all? I honestly didn't know that there was a Long John Silver's anywhere in godless New England. I'll have to go to Plainville again soon.

Finally, my poopie-face granddaughters could do a better job in Congress (they are 6, 6 and 3) than the people somebody out there elected. The 'sequester' is here, beloved. The drop-dead most stupid law ever passed--passed because it was so drop-dead stupid that even Morgan, Emma and Tegan would have done something to stop it from happening. The inmates are in charge of the asylum--which should be the name of the House and Senate....

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