Friday, March 8, 2013

OK, I blew it...

I was so cavalier about the snow last night--I was wrong. I woke up this morning to almost a foot of the stuff. Where I sit to write, there is a window just behind my computer screen. And all day I watched the snow fall from the trees.

It's a West Virginia thing that until the snow is off the trees, it will keep snowing. That was certainly true today. Until about 3 p.m., the snow was all over the trees in amounts I don't remember seeing in trees. Our next door neighbor, Naomi, was out around noon with a broom knocking snow off some of their young trees because the weight of the stuff was about to break the branches.

It almost made me wish I had a smart phone with a camera so I could take pictures of the amazing volume of snow on the trees and bushes around our house. Almost....

Then I was sending an email to a friend when I noticed the tips of several of my fingers were blue. For an instant I was terrified, then I remembered, it was the blueberries.

We, much of the time, make the food we add to Bela, the Puli's, dry food. Today was my turn and I took carrots, celery, and sweet potato all chopped small and boiled them for 10 minutes or so before adding chopped apple and frozen peas. Then I turned down the stove, covered the pan and steamed it all for a while. I then poured out that mixture and put olive oil in the pan with 4 cloves of diced garlic and a pound or more of ground turkey. When it was browned I put the rest back in. In the meantime I had taken half a cup or so of frozen blueberries and put them out to thaw.

When the turkey mixture was done, I added back the vegetables and took it off the heat.

Blueberries are the best antioxidants but I don't add them until the mixture is cooled since they would turn the whole thing blue if it was still warm. I'm sure the dog wouldn't mind, but it would offend my sense of food. Don't eat blue food unless it is berries, is my motto.

So, when the food was cool, I scooped the berries out with my hand and mixed it in. Hence, the blue finger tips.

I even, for the first time, tasted the food I'd made my dog. Truth was, with a little seasoning, it would be great over rice....

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