Thursday, August 8, 2013

Something gentle

Something gentle moves me always.

Something soft and loving.

Something that comes out of nowhere and ends up in the moment where I'm living.

It can really be no more than a smile from an old woman in a parking lot,
or someone holding open the door of the library for me,
or Bern touching my face when I'm not expecting it,
or our neighbor, across the street, waving a greeting as he goes by with his beagle,
or someone letting me into traffic,
or the woman at the bank remembering my name,
or Luke, our cat rubbing against my bare leg (since I'm wearing shorts),
or my daughter Mimi calling just to talk,
or almost anything.

And all that happened today, just in one day.

We should notice the tiny little things more.
The things that brush against us from time to time,
and use those to memories to measure how wondrous life is,
rather than watching cable TV.


Ponder that.


Pretty please with sugar on it.....

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