Friday, August 16, 2013

This gentle weather

I once wrote two very bad lines of an equally bad poem that went like this:

   "When comes a misplac'ed Spring afternoon
      on such a Winter's day, so out of tune...."

Mercifully, I've forgotten the rest of the poem though it may be lurking to haunt me in the boxes full of long ago written things I've not gone through for decades.

It's the (') to insure your pronounce it mis-place-ED rather that 'misplaced' that makes the line so regrettable.

I had a bishop once who always began the service in ordinary time with, "Blessed be God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit."

I've always said that "Bless-ED" be God and so forth.

I've always thought that God should be 'Bless-ED' rather than merely 'blessed'. I've always thought that 'blessed' was an adjective about God rather than a verb about God.

Which brings me to the gentle weather we've had for a couple of weeks now in Connecticut. After a record-breaking heat wave in July, August has been gentle and warm and even cool at night. We haven't turned on an air-conditioner or even a fan for over a week.

We have been 'blessed' by such weather. But the weather itself, I would suggest, has been 'bless-ED'. "So out of tune with the expected heat..." I still think in iambic pentameter.

But the recent August weather has been both unexpected and bless-ED.

I stand by that pronunciation though 'misplace-ED' is a mistake....

Sleep well this wondrous cool night....

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