Tuesday, July 7, 2009


The Caucus didn't take long. Some information about committee hearings of interest, sharing of cell phone and room #'s and prayers for Sarah, Drew and Kate Smith's granddaughter, born Sunday who is having surgery tonight. A frightening time. Add her and her parents and grandparents to your good thoughts and healing prayers.

I saw dozens of old friends today. I don't think of myself as very social among other clergy, but over the years I have been touched by many and by lay folks from other dioceses as well. It's the Family Reunion part of GC. But I know how forgetful I am because at least three people came up and hugged me and even though we all have on name tags all the time, I had no idea who they were. But wearing name tags covers a multitude of sins. One of my goals in the next year is to force nametags down the throats of the folks at St. Johns--or at least force them around their necks. It is great to never have to search the morass that is my mind for a name!

My friend Susan McCone invited me to a reception for the Mission Funding Initiative which she heads for the national church at 815 (for those who don't know, the Church Center of the Epis. Church is at 815 2nd Ave in New York City) so '815' is short hand for that lumbering institution where the Presiding Bishop's office resides and all the myriad offices of the church live. One thing about Gen Con is that there are enough receptions by various groups each night that if you go and stand shamelessly by the hors devours (sp?) table you can save dinner money one night for a big expensive one the next!

At lunch today, talking with some old friends from WV (none of whom are still in that diocese!) a deputy from central fla. sat down. He knew one of my friends and pulled out a stack of tickets to Tomorrow night's Angels v. Texas Rangers game. I took three so Lyn Meyer from Danbury and john Sutton from Stamford and I are going! The guy's son works for the Angels and gave him tickets to hand out.

Tomorrow the house of deputies goes into session at 8 a.m. I need some sleep. More tomorrow.

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