Monday, July 6, 2009

the view from my balcony

I'm on the 11th floor and from my balcony I can see a dozen huge hotels and more resturants than that. The same would be true in any direction.We are in the midst of what is called the Anaheim Resorts--less than a mile from Disneyland. Having walked around a bit, I realize this is a place for sleeping and eating and either going to Conventions or to the Magic Kingdom.

Anaheim calls itself "the Happiest Place on Earth". Perhaps that is a good harbinger for the General Convention.

People arrived in force today--we all nod and smile at other people with badges from the Convention. It is a happy place right now--hopefully it will stay so.

One thing you can do at Gen. Convention is go to two or three receptions every night. Every group in the church has a reception and if you eat enough--most or them start at six and have lots of food--you can skip dinner! Tonight was the Integrity Reception at one of the dozens of hotels in walking distance. A good spread and lots of wine. They actually should have had a larger venue since many more people than expected showed up. About 2 dozen bishops--including Jim and Laura from CT--and lots and lots of deputies. This is a key Convention for Integrity (GLBT Episcopalians and their friends). There are resolutions to overturn the resolution B033 from last convention (which urges against gay/lesbian bishops). The resolution was forced through by the bishops to appease the Anglican Communion and anti-gay folks in the Episcopal Church--neither worked! Also, the convention could pass a resolution in support of same sex marriage which is now only legal in 6 states (including CT). It was a lively and upbeat gathering--lots of optimism and hope. Maybe the Magic Kingdom is the right place for this convention.

I just went out on the balcony to watch the nightly fireworks from Disneyland. It really lit up the night! So maybe this 76th General Convention will be the Magic Kingdom or Fireworks. Whichever, I'll let you know.

You should pray for this work and ministry, you know. It does matter....

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