Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another day in New England...

The temperature on our back porch dropped 10 degrees F. in the past hour. It went from 24 at 7:25 to 14 at 8:25.

When I woke up this morning nothing was happening. After a shower, the ground was covered by snow.

It took me 25 minutes to go 6 miles on I-84 because there were a slew of accidents.

Schools that opened before the snow were closing early.

Everyone at St. John's was hustling to get home before the expected early afternoon freeze. Before they got in their doors, the sky was blue and the temperature was in the high 30's.

On my way home at 4, it was snowing like crazy.

Now the temperature is dropping 10 degrees in an hour.

People ask me where we're moving when I retire. I tell them we're going to Cheshire. Who would want to miss a day like today?

Got to go. I'm going to Google "North Carolina Shore + Retirement Properties..."

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