Monday, January 18, 2010

hot dogs, continued

I wasn't quite through with my tirade about hot dogs but hit some key that posted it against my will....

The reason I was thinking about this was today I was hungry and decided to give Frankie's one more chance. It was the same level of disappointment. I did know, from experience, to order a 'side' of 'cole slaw' along with the hot dog with chili--at least they have chili. But the dog itself was the same ol' CT hot dog, extending past the end of a fru-fru bun that had (horrors!) been toasted instead of steamed...that is my definition of adding insult to injury. The chili though, wasn't bad, so I finally removed the ersatz wiener and ate the chili and slaw on that piece of white bread toast shaped like a bun.

I was once in a place in North Carolina--a little beer bar with only a counter--and when the waitress brought me my hot dog with chili and slaw, just the way they made them, she said, "first bite of that wiener, honey, close your eyes...." I did, being a polite boy that obeys waitresses. I thought it was to savor the taste of a dog to die for--but when I bit, I realized what she meant...the scalding water and pork grease hit my eyelids, but since my eyes were closed, did not blind me....

I've been thinking, maybe I could rent a little place in Cheshire when I retire and do a hot-dog place. I'd only serve Dr. Pepper and draft beer for drinks and the only item on the menu would be 'real' hot dogs. I'd call it "Dogs not Dogma" and have a theological theme to the decor.

Cheese is not an insult to a hot dog--so long as it is hot cheese-whiz. And an occasional 'character' might want a little ketchup or mayo--though as a purist I think the slaw should have enough mayonnaise to do.

I did have a hot dog once in a wonderful place in Wilmington, North Carolina, with mayo, cheeze-whiz and bacon bits they had made from thick sliced bacon (not the stuff in a jar, please Lord!) that would have passed for a real hotdog. And I must admit that whenever I fly through Chicago I do get one of those with little green peppers, dill pickles and tomatoes. So my dog shop is already getting too complicated...I'll have to find something else to do when I retire.

Maybe there is a mail order place like Harry and David's, except it would be called Jimbo and Bubba's, where I could find those juicy, pink, oh so porcine wieners....I'll be up late surfing the web....

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