Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Since I have been inventorying my clothes, I thought I'd add shoes--which are not blue.

Like most things, I have very few shoes. I have a pair of Berkinstock sandals I wear indoors in winter and always when spring comes. My current pair is tan and were a Xmas gift from my son and daughter-in-law in 2008. I checked the tread recently and think I can get another Spring/Summer/Fall out of them. I have a pair of Berkinstock clogs that are gray and many years old--I wore them one day recently in the snow and nearly fell down half-a-dozen times. They have no tread left at all and should be discarded. I have a pair of loafers I keep at church that are my burying/marrying shoes--just like my one suit that I keep at church.

At some one's funeral a member of the parish commented that I had on shoes. I told him the dead person was 'shoe worthy' and advised him to consider if he was 'shoe worthy'.

I also have some chunka boots, as we used to call them, that belonged to the Parish Administrator's father. After he died, she gave them to me and I've worn them ever since. I have one other pair of those green and tan over the ankle boots that I haven't worn since I got Marvin's shoes. They're at church too.

I guess I don't have as many shoes as most people. I used to have a pair of sneakers that I left in Anaheim after General Convention by mistake. I will get some when spring comes because I plan to walk a lot after I'm retired and lose enormous amounts of weight doing so.

This whole inventory of my clothes has something to do with my impending retirement, I know, I'm just not sure what.

I need to take inventory of my life as the end of April approaches. I think that's it. So I will ponder that.

How many clothes and shoes do you have? What color dominates? Can you ponder what all that means to you?

Just wondering.

One of the former Senators from Texas once said, "I have more guns than I need, but not as many as I want."

When I heard that I realized I was not like him....at least about guns.

I suppose I could say: "I don't have as many clothes and shoes as I need...but I have all that I want...."

I'm not sure what any of this means, but I will take it into my pondering and let you know if I come up with something....

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