Tuesday, March 23, 2010

so, here's what happened...

I was driving home and there is a group that gathers in front of the Cheshire Town Hall sometimes to wave signs and yell. The signs mostly say things about killing Chris Dodd and impeaching President Obama and getting rid of the government and excommunicating anyone who doesn't agree.

Most of the people are my age or older, but there are a few younger people. They want you to honk if you want government to disappear. I was stuck at the light and one of the younger ones (by that I mean 40+) crossed oncoming traffic and knocked on my window and when I rolled it down asked me why I hadn't honked.

I told him politely--or as politely as one can be in that situation--that I didn't agree with what they were saying, that I'd vote for Chris Dodd if he were running, I love our President, I believe that government is 'my friend' and that he should go home to his family.

He said, "You socialist!" and turned away.

I yelled, 'look out', because he was about to get hit by a truck. He survived and I wondered if he would have done the same for me.

This is why I wrote that tirade about socialism recently.

Just thought I'd explain.

I actually wish I lived in one of the European nations that has a political party called Christian Socialist. I'd join it.

Of course the younger man who owes me his life wishes I lived in a European country as well so there'd be one less of us to excommunicate from the Republic.

However, since a "republic" implies a government, he's probably against it....

And since I live in the US, I'll remain a democrat....

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