Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Time to go....

I heard on the radio and read in a newspaper about a guy in Texas who killed his neighbor's buffalo herd. The buffaloes, 41 of them as I remember, broke through a fence and went onto another person's property. He shot them. Each of them and all of them. 41 of them. Shot them dead. Dead as 41 furry doornails.

Under Texas state law, as I understand it, the guy who slaughtered the buffaloes may have been within his rights in the so-called state of Texas.

I don't know about you, but I somehow think such an egregious act of violence against innocent animals deserves some legal punishment. Maybe I'm just a buffalo lover, I don't know--but it doesn't seem right to me that Texas would allow people to do such things. What if kids wander onto his property--41 kids on a field trip to see the buffaloes and discovered them dead--does he have the right to shoot the kids?

Well, it is Texas. Who knows?

I've decided it is time to expel Texas from the union. It was bad enough that Texas gave us George W. and cowboy hats, but allowing the massacre of buffaloes is the last straw.

I almost wish they'd lost that war with Mexico and none of us remembered the Alamo. Then they wouldn't have been around in the US to stink things up.

(I would have missed LBJ though....)

During the health care bill debate, a congressman from Texas yelled out "Baby Killer" to another congressman supporting the bill. He later apologized and said he meant "the bill" was a baby killer, not his colleague in the House of Representatives. Yeah, right....

Plus the Texas Board of Education is re-writing the history taught in Texas public schools. It is the only reason I can think of to support private schools exclusively.

Plus the governor of Texas actually suggested that Texas succeed from the Union. (You can look it up on Google...it is true....)

So I say, let them go and God bless them. 49 states are enough. Everyone I know who 'used to live in Texas' hates it. I was only there for a few days and I hated it. I had to rent a car to go somewhere from the Houston airport and the only models available were pick-up trucks and Cadillacs. I took a truck. Where is Santa Anna when we need him?

Besides, the Dallas Cowboys would be a soccer team and the San Antonio Spurs (the most hated sports team in my life--even more than Virginia Tech or Notre Dame!) wouldn't exist.

Phil Graham, a former US Senator from Texas, once said, on the floor of the Senate in a gun control debate, "I have more guns than I need, but not as many guns as I want...." Something in that makes me know Phil and I have very little in common.

So, though LBJ would be a loss, along with Molly Imus, let's let Texas go and either become a sovereign nation or surrender to Mexico as they should have at the Alamo. Either way, I'll be happy....

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